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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BL(?): Reflection of Crescent (弦月梦影) OVA

English title: Reflection of the Crescent Moon
Chinese title: 弦月梦影
Japanese title: げんつきむかげ
Genre: Supernatural
Publisher: 大魔国
Year Published: 2011 (TBA / Postponed to 2012 / In production(?) 2013)

(08/01/11) //I never thought they could create a BL anime, still this looks very promising~!! Can't wait for it to be released (*w* )//
(11/--/11): Some have said this ova is not BL, as stated from the publisher's website. It is also stated that it will be postponed. //Ohmyy~ ..well let's just hope they will continue this one.//
(01/03/12) The official site said they have postponed the release to 2012 this year.

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  1. It is 2012 now and I don't think it came out yet. I have been waiting for months. I really hope it comes out soon.....

  2. The official site said it was postponed to this year. I too hope for that, it'll be a waste if they drop this.

  3. come out i want see that =ˇ=

  4. They have every BL fan out there waiting for this release. They'll be pissing off a lot of girls if they decide to drop it after making them all excited. Especially me.


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