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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

BL(?): Reflection of Crescent (弦月梦影) OVA

English title: Reflection of the Crescent Moon
Chinese title: 弦月梦影
Japanese title: げんつきむかげ
Genre: Supernatural
Publisher: 大魔国
Year Published: 2011 (TBA / Postponed to 2012 / In production(?) 2013)

(08/01/11) //I never thought they could create a BL anime, still this looks very promising~!! Can't wait for it to be released (*w* )//
(11/--/11): Some have said this ova is not BL, as stated from the publisher's website. It is also stated that it will be postponed. //Ohmyy~ ..well let's just hope they will continue this one.//
(01/03/12) The official site said they have postponed the release to 2012 this year.

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  1. It is 2012 now and I don't think it came out yet. I have been waiting for months. I really hope it comes out soon.....

  2. The official site said it was postponed to this year. I too hope for that, it'll be a waste if they drop this.

  3. come out i want see that =ˇ=

  4. They have every BL fan out there waiting for this release. They'll be pissing off a lot of girls if they decide to drop it after making them all excited. Especially me.

  5. it's 2016 step up your game I've been waiting since 2011 for this come on


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