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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Aika Online, Pran (level 5) Evolution Quest

After training with YHchan (with her pran SYchin), Pettochin finally reached level 5 (^w^)

--click images to see full sizes--
When your Pran reaches level 5 it will want to talk to you.
You should go back as quickly as possible to Regenshein town because your Pran will not gain exp and it will be a waste.

In Regenshein town look for Theletar Bariel (map coordinates 3557,610) near the Auction House.
Talk to him and inquire about the [Evolution] into human form quest
He will tell you about the Pran not getting exp with it's current form and must evolve.
Then he will ask you for a Fairy's Holy water.
At this time you still don't have it so he will give you a quest to acquire it.
to view this Quest box press "L" ingame ;D
The Fairy's Holy water is dropped by Violent Moguns and Corrupt Moguns around Donowa Farm (upper right of Verband map). You only need 1 but the drop rate is really low so you have to kill a few moguns (either Violent Moguns or Corrupt Moguns) for it to drop. //I got mine from Corrupt Mogun at the edge of Donowa Farm.//
--click to see full size--
(I'll post the Violent Mogun's pic next time.)

When you get the Fairy's Holy water it will look like a potion bottle with a different color (sorry I couldn't get a screenshot of it because I was uber excited to get my Pran evolved XDD). Then report back to Theletar Bariel and let your fairy get evolved (^__-)
Voila!! Evolution success!! ≧w≦)/ *わい!*
Oops! my babie Pran popped-out facing back ;D
Well~ I know, she's shy because she's only wearing her undies XDD

She's so tiny~!! XDD
*closer view* 本当にかわいい♥♥♥
I can finally let her wear cute clothing and accessories♥ ;DD
Family pic XDDD


  1. Oh~!!!! after the quest for you're pettochin, it has already involved~!!!! and it's a girl (>_<)/// she's soooooo cute *sparkling eyes* I wanna pounce at her *resisting* and you're family pic is sooo beautiful *stares at it more* it makes me also to download and install Aika Online and be a member of you're family *rolls on the bed*

  2. Yep she's a girl bec Pran is all female ;DD She's very cute ne~!! XDD I can't wait for her to be level 20 bec she'll change into adolescent and she'll have a personality by then (*w*)♥ Sure~! Install Aika so you'll be in my family (^__^)b I'll help you train/level-up and help you get your Pran too ;DD

  3. Oh~! Pran is all female (^-^) She's really cute, I wanna pounce at her if possible (>_<)/// Oh~!!! she will have her personality when she's lvl 20, I wonder what would be her personality since she's a fire element *thinks* what lvl is you're pettochin now? I will ask my father is I can install another online game to PC-kun nee~

  4. Guheheh, I too wanna huggle her uber much XDDD I hope she'll have a sexy personality (*w*!)♥ or maybe a delinquent personality bec those personality are entertaining!! ROFL!!! XDDDD My pet is level 6 (^__^) Ok, I hope your father will let you install more games there XDDD *crosses fingers*

  5. Oh, you want to have her a sexy personality *ufufu* and you're right, having a delinquent personality is also good and it would be very interesting *giggles*

  6. Yes it will be very interesting~!! XDD because her sexy-dance and her sexy-cheer will be very entertaining in a funny way XDDD The delinquent dance & cheer will be very funny too!! XDD I'll try to take a vid of her & post it here on my blog next time ;DD

  7. YAY~!!! I'll be looking forward on her sexy dance and cheer *ufufu* I can't wait for you to post the vid *excited*


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